September 27, 2023

Visual Studio Code Redesign


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I gave Visual Studio Code a redesign, using Windows 11 design language.

Not much of the layout changed, mainly the cards, look, and feel of the app. I wanted it to feel more tied in with Windows 11. And I know VS Code is multi platform, and I don't know what the app would look like on other platforms. This is just a concept.

Copilot is now in VS Code, for free. Right click on an error to find out what it means, with whatever AI engine you want. Bing AI, Phind (GPT-4), GitHub Copilot, or Google Bard.

The project I featured in the code editor is HQLauncher (click)

This is just a concept, NOT a real product. I am not affiliated with Microsoft.


Code editor page, with file explorer on the sidebar.

Optional status bar, if you don't like the new status widget.

New copilot, with ability to switch between different AI assitants.

New extensions gallery to view trending, popular, or most recent extensions.

Extension page to install that new extension you just found.

The new settings and accounts page, inspired by the Windows 11 settings app.

Extra pages, such as source control, remote repositories, and run & debug.