I am a self-taught thirteen year old designer and web developer. In design, I specialize in user-interface design, but I also can do general graphic design, brand design, motion graphics, and some 3D. I learned this stuff just by playing around with the software myself, searching for inspiration to learn from other designers, and searched for help if I needed it. For coding, I have mastered Tailwind CSS, and once I finish your future website design in Figma, I could easily apply it to any framework in a couple hours.



Figma, Visual Studio Code, Git, Affinity Designer, Blender, Notion, Discord, Davinci Resolve, After Effects, OBS


JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Tailwind CSS, React, Astro, Next.js, Vue, Nuxt.js, Python

Other Interests

Photography, architecture, video editing, trombone


I always had a passion for design, even when I was very young. I was drawing user interfaces on paper laptops at like 7, and my parents introduced me to creative skills such as painting, and then video editing, music production, and 3D modelling at 9. Then I went further, teaching myself HTML, and CSS at 10. I kept learning, and today I have a passion for graphic design, concepts, and web development. I never was religious, but recently I learned the truth, we're all sinners, deserving hell. But why would God let us go there? The thing is, He gave us a way out of our deserved punishment, and that is Jesus. I want to make the truth known, so that is why I am developing Bibleio.