August 21, 2023


HQLauncher started as my first ever concept. And now I'm making it real.

The goal of HQL is to make a functional Minecraft launcher, one that has way more useful tools to handle multiple instances, mods, packs, skins, and accounts.

We already have this, with other 3rd party launchers, so I wanted to make something like that, but with better UI, and with even more features.

HQLauncher is now in development.

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Front-end Design Progress

Main instances page, controls will appear on hover. Create instance page, with the ability to create custom vanilla/modded instances, or import modpacks from Modrinth or Curseforge. Accounts page, to easily switch between accounts and skins. (subject to change) Launcher settings, ability to customize launcher, and Java settings. News page for HQL and Minecraft.