March 20, 2024

Slate Desktop One

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Slate Desktop One is a unique desktop operating system. I wanted to go with a new design style, keeping things modern while adding some uniqueness. I also didn't want multiple apps that basically do the same thing, so I tried to combine features that were similar into the same app.

The idea of all of Slate's operating systems is that they run on the back-end called Slate OS, which handles back-end computing stuff. The front-end part can be adjusted to run on certain devices. This is how Slate Desktop, Slate Mobile, and more run.

But keep in mind, the entire idea of Slate and this design is all a concept. None of the Slate products are real, they do not exist.


Dock & Dashboard

The dock & dashboard are the center of Slate Desktop. They are easily customizable, and show you information quickly. The dock is fully modular, you can join it, and move apps and widgets around. With the dashboard you can also see information from the fully modular widgets.

You can also change the dock & dashboard based on your focus mode.


You can snap windows easily, and manage your windows with shelves.


The files app is pretty simple. I tried to add some small, useful features. You can split the view window to show 2 directories at a time, there are tabs of course, you can drag and drop files into the breadcrumb, and a popup will show up with all the subfolders, there are coloured tags, and lastly you can preview files by hovering.


I tried to combine all features related to system properties into this 1 app. System updates, drives & partitions, & system processes, devices, and productivity.


Slate Desktop is meant to be very customizable. You can create your own themes or use presets in the settings app. Here are some that I made.


The web app is a fast and productivity browser. You can create tab groups, go fullscreen mode, and while in fullscreen you can still access your tabs and bookmarks.


This is the first app that I designed in this concept. It was meant to be an all in 1 app where you could write, draw, organize, etc. Basically do everything that you could with a real sheet of paper. But the final design is just another notetaking app.


The calendar app can handle your schedule, events, and tasks.

Thanks for reading this. This was a pretty big project, and I started it back at October 30, 2023. I think this was my best design & video yet.