Slate Desktop One



Operating System


Slate Desktop One is a friendly, useful, and modern operating system. It goes for a bright, fun design style, with big rounded corners, subtle gradients and shadows, and colours. It is also useful, trying to combine many apps that would usally be separate, into one app. And it has many other useful features to improve every-day use.

No longer a concept?

Someone reached out to me, wanting to turn Slate Desktop One into a real, usable Linux desktop environment. I obviously said yes, and today it is in development. We’re starting out with a KDE theme, then we’re gonna move on to a full desktop environment. It is 100% free & open-source, and here is our GitHub and Discord. Now that this is real, I made a brand for Slate, and I will be making a website for Slate, and more concepts to come!

Designed with Figma, animated with After Effects