HQLauncher Design

HQLauncher is a Minecraft launcher, with modern UI, and modern features. It started as my first, serious concept. Today, it is currently in development, being turned into a real Minecraft Launcher. This post covers the design of HQL, you can see development progress on the DuckyHQ blog.

HQLauncher is under DuckyHQ, it uses MorphUI, and the classic DuckyHQ geometric logo, resembling M for Minecraft.

The design uses a global sidebar on the left, with icons as the pages. The main content is on the right, usually with an action bar too. On other pages, such as instance settings, the sidebar can change to the subpages. It is planned for the app to be customizable, with accent and background customization.

Old Design

I’ve came pretty far since I first made the original design. The current version has been redesigned with MorphUI, but I still kept the old layout.

Old hql design

Designed with Figma, animated with After Effects, coded with Next.js, Electron, & Tailwind CSS